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The Sheath of Life

Our inspiration for creating "Palacio Oliaxi" and developing our company comes from great artists and thinkers. It said Paul Gauguin that "In nature there are no straight lines". The symbol that represents and gives meaning to our brand is "The Sheath of Life": a genuine and unique element designed to measure where there are only curves, concentrating the essential seeds from which everything emanates. The spirals are constantly present in nature, as Darwin warned; the plants grow by dancing with the spiral of life. And that is why our Pod is surrounded by spirals, just as it has a great number of colors in its heart. It is represented the fruit of the olive tree, with its beautiful and fine leaves, but also a pure nucleus of diverse colors and forms. We want to transmit a hatching of life and happiness. Join the Vaina de la Vida and download our graphic packs.

Graphic Pack of the Branding

Download the press and communication graphic pack for Palacio Oliaxi.

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