The Secret

We waive the amount,
for the benefit of quality,
to provide a unique product.

F rom a small plot of land in the Estepa region, called "Palacio Oliaxi", in the heart of La Roda de Andalucía, in the southeast of Seville, our millenary olive trees give birth to a superior, delicate and exquisite olive oil.

We have recovered the ancestral tradition of harvesting olives in the middle of autumn, on specific nights of the year when the moon is full and giant. Some people think it's pure legend, but the quality of our product says otherwise. It is then that the harvest produces a special, more delicate oil with a taste of tomato, banana and green almond, with a touch of artichoke and strawberry at the end.

O ur plot consists of 3,800 olive trees that provide a low production due to the use of an ecological and sustainable system, but necessary to obtain an oil of the maximum quality.

We apply a formula in which we sacrifice a large part of the yield and economic benefits, but which allows us to extract the real essence of this olive juice which is olive oil. Extreme quality is not about cost.

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